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Frequently Asked Questions
What does PTCSolutions offers?
We offer the PTC sites and web hosting as well as the possibility of extending the website redesigned and adapted addons. We also offer ready made websites including domain and hosting. We offer a very sophisticated system and provide technical support for this product.
How long does it take to receive product after payment?
Product delivery time is up to 24 hours (usually several hours).
Is my website protected against overload and attacks?
Yes, the site is fully protected by strict criteria and each is suspicious access logging, evaluation and subsequently blocked
How can I pay for this service?
Currently we accept Paypal payments only. In the near future we will expand payment options.
What happens after submitting my order and how long does it take?
After receiving payment for your order your domain will be registered and your website installed up to 24 hours. You'll then receive an email containing:

- your admin panel login details
- access to your template editor

Make sure to provide valid contact details when submitting your order.
Can I see a demo of the website functionality?
A demo version of the script is installed on www.demo-ptc.ga as a clean installation. The same script will be offered to you, which can then be customized via your admin panel.
The login details you can find on the demo login page in the top layer.
Can I change my themes?
Yes , depending on the purchased version of website you will get access to your website editor.
How can I cancel my license?
To cancel your account simply send email to support from the email address you registered.